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Imagination Is That Special Place Where Heart and Mind Connect

Nothing is more powerful than the written word. The pages of a book can take us on a journey throughout time, space, history and back again in a matter of hours. How many times have you found yourself lost in the lives of imaginary characters, magically swept away chapter by chapter until you can no longer keep your eyes open?

Welcome to Tales2Read2Kids, a place where you and your little ones can venture out together and find new friends and new stories that will sweep you away to places unknown. Where children can feel loved, appreciated, accepted and free to explore the curiosities of life through the pages of a book. And parents, not only can you enjoy these bedtime stories and cherished moments with your kiddos, but also find a little something for the kid inside yourself with our Storybook Consulting services. If you have a story floating around in your imagination that will help enrich the lives of children, we want to help you find the right words. That’s write, we will happily help you create your very own children’s book from concept to self-published.

Experience the joy of our original children’s stories, written with purpose and published with care. Be sure to drop in regularly so you don’t miss out on new adventures, new characters and new life lessons for the entire family to enjoy. Happy reading!

Zippy The Zebra Book Cover

Zippy The Zebra Earns His Stripes

Kindness doesn’t end in the classroom, but it’s a great place for it to begin. Has there ever been a time when someone laughed at you or called you names? Do you remember how that made you feel?

Zippy The Zebra Earns His Stripes is about a kind little zebra who knows that it isn’t nice to make fun of others. This book shows us how to stand up for one another and be supportive to those in need.

This virtuous classroom adventure will warm your heart and have children everywhere proud to stand up and earn their stripes.


Zippy The Zebra Takes The Stage

Lights, camera, action! Zippy and friends take the stage as they travel back in time for this high-flying, historical adventure you won’t want to miss. What do teamwork, determination and a big orange airplane have in common?

Zippy The Zebra Tee


Zippy The Zebra T-Shirt

Get the Zippy the Zebra T-shirt. Order youth sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Adult sizes available on request. Visit our Etsy store to order now.

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