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Our original children’s books are written in a way that takes young readers on a journey of self-discovery from cover to cover. Our stories encourage children to explore their minds and hearts and foster an environment that builds friendships steeped in virtue.

Zippy The Zebra Earns His Stripes

The writer has the idea. The reader has the experience. At Tales2Read2Kids, we want to provide a memorable experience for every young reader. It’s our belief that teachable moments are the ones that last and Zippy the Zebra teaches us all that a little kindness generates its own reward.


Zippy The Zebra Takes The Stage

There are moments in life when things just don't go our way. How we react to these moments can be a major step toward growth and self-discovery. Zippy The Zebra Takes The Stage teaches us not to give up when things go wrong. Sometimes, a little perseverance and help from others can be just the fix we need. In this high-flying, action-packed adventure, we visit the past to help us imagine the possibilities of today.


Zippy The Zebra Youth Tee

The Zippy the Zebra youth t-shirt is available now in our Etsy store. Order tees in Youth sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Adult sizes are available on request. Get yours today!

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You need a consultant who’s invested in your ideas and your ability to get from concept to self-published. At Tales2Read2Kids we craftily assess the individual needs of our clients before recommending services. It’s all part of understanding your message and helping you deliver it to the world. Our 3-step proven process exists to help bring your vision to life.